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  SANDEEP GOYAL – A man with a heart of gold gifts Rs. 1 crore to his Alma Mater for its greater glory.  Read more,  
  Hon’ble Prime Minister interacts students about management of stress during exams in ‘PARIKSHA PAR CHARCHA’  Read more,  
  JUST FAIR- A fair for the special children of Our society.  Read more,  


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Johnians for Justice, the social justice group of the school, has identified two global issues – Environment and HIV/AIDS. They work towards sensitizing and creating awareness among the general public. Their motto is ‘Walk the Talk’. They have won the prestigious CLAP award for the year 2007 and Peace Award for 2008 from Yuvsatta. Their partnership with the MC’s Health Department is a unique Health Programme.


Striving to make St. John s a place of adventure and creative thinking for the child, the school pioneered the CREATIVE LEARNING INTEGRATED PROGRAMME (CLIP). Books in classes were replaced by Lesson and Worksheet booklets and quarterly inter disciplinary books. This has helped our juniors to develop an interdisciplinary approach towards education.

Shining Bright

The young Johnians have been organising photography exhibitions for the past 7 years. The Exhibition is organised in the Museum and Art Gallery of Chandigarh. The exhibits are well appreciated and applauded by the viewers.


The NCC is a thriving part of the school. The Cadets are being given regular training in the finer parts of discipline and military issues.The NCC Cadets of our school won the overall trophy for the NCC Camp for 2010-11.


St. John’s is a winner of the prestigious National Computer Literacy Award in the category of private schools. This award is instituted by the Ministry of Information and Technology for excellence in Computer Literacy and IT in school at the early stage of schooling. The school houses two big computer labs and a Multimedia Room for students.


The Crucible’ is the Literary Club designed to encourage its budding authors/poets. It has been founded by Mr. Saboo an ex Johnian and the SJOBA Foundation. The members get a chance to meet well known Authors on a weekly basis who share their expertise in creative writing. Two books of our students have already been published.


St. John’s has a very well equipped music room. From the piano as old as 75 years, to guitars both acoustic and electric, keyboards, tabla, harmonium, veena and a drum set that can bring the roof down – we have it all. We are not only proud of having the first School Rock Band in the city “The Soaring Eagles” but also have launched a music CD on Teachers’ Day. The present school band “Wingspan” was awarded the best band in the inter school and college competition for two age groups. A new album, “The Golden Jubilee” album was released to commemorate the Golden Jubilee Celebrations and is unique as it has recordings of all the school bands both past and present on it.

Counselling & Learning Cell

For those with special learning needs, the Learning Centre in the Junior School and the Counsellors in the Senior School employ specially designed learning techniques to help them surmount these challenges. The students are free to connect with the counsellors to address their personal issues and concerns. Parents also seek help from the counsellors to address their concerns regarding their children. Family counselling is unique to the school’s approach to resolving issues.

 Adult Education Classes: The school had select staff from the school trained by a member of the National Literacy Mission so that Adult Education classes could be begun for the parents of the children from the EWS. This was done to provide the children with a support structure at home and to help the parents to be able to keep abreast of what their children were doing in school.

Science and Maths Lab

St. John s boasts of three well equipped, well lit and airy science labs, where students from classes 6 to 12 regularly perform various experiments. Frequently the tiny tots of junior school can also be seen trotting happily towards these labs with eyes shining with expectations. A Maths activity room helps the little mathematicians understand the subject better. All the laboratories of St. John s are condusive to the development of a scientific attitude in the students.


The clubs help students to learn the applicability of concepts with hands on experience. It is mandatory for each Johnian to choose between the Eco club and Health Club as an activity. This helps in developing creativity. Apart from these students also opt for the Science Club, the Dance Club, the Tech Club (Robotics), ChefsClub, Aerospace, Drama Club and the Photography Club.


SJOBA has initiated some scholarships for the Johnians in the area of academics and sports. They have also initiated a unique award, the ‘Ranvijay Trophy ‘ for the ‘Nicest Boys’ in the school from classes 8 and 10.The Bro. Meredith scholarship for a deserving Indradhanush Boy from class 5 has been instituted by yet another old boy. Then there is ‘Gautam Kaushal’ scholarship for the EWS student of class 11 and 12 doing exceptionally well in academics. Each scholarship carries a minimum cash prize of Rs.10,000/-


To develop the spirit of Pro Deo Et Patria’ amongst the Johnians, the school provides them with opportunities to interact with the less priviledged people in society. This programme has helped in developing the Emotional Quotient (EQ) of the Johnians.


  • Br. Rice House (Green)
  • Br. O  Keeffe House (Blue)
  • Br. Crease House (Red)
  • Br. Morrissey House (Yellow)

The Br. W.E. Kyle Memorial Trophy ‘Iolair Riyoga’, meaning “The Royal Eagles” in Irish, is a remarkable piece of art and creativity. It is a running trophy and is awarded to the best performing house every year. The 2013-14 trophy has been won by Br. O Keeffe House.


St. John’s is proud of its Cricket Academy, Football Academy, Squash Courts, Tennis Courts, Badminton Courts, Volleyball courts and Basketball Court for the school students . Apart from all these, students are provided opportunities to participate in gymnastics and athletics. National Presence : In gymnastics, chess, football, golf, tennis, horse riding, badminton and archery. Our latest addition is a Hockey field and a second basketball court.


St. John’s is the proud owner of two libraries – Junior and the Senior School. The library has a collection of text books, supplementary readers, language books, clip books, classics and general books.  It has approx. 18500 Books, 21 Magazines and 9 Newspapers. We also hold the award for the Best Library, the Best Librarian and have won the maximum prizes and  participation in the Chandigarh Librarians’ Association Competitions.

Art Room

Children are taught different techniques in Art right from the latest CAD to Airbrushing, Silk and Screen printing, Designing, layout, still life, Sketching, Water Colours, Oil Pastels, Oil Painting and Acrylic. LINO cutting and printing, an age old technique is also taught here as well as photography.


SWARM is a group that stands for Segregation Of Waste And Recycling Management. It is a group of students working on environmental concern as a part of the Eco Club of our school. The prominent feature of this group is that the students stay back after school to gather and segregate all sorts of waste in the school premises. A special care is taken of health and hygiene as they wear proper gloves and masks while performing the task.


Buses are hired on a contract basis and payments made directly into the bank accounts of the transporters.

Contractor Details: –

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