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  • Event Date: 22-Aug-2023
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Description: A unique and a special topic put by class 3 D sharing their ideas on Protection for not only sisters but nature, animals, soldiers and for the country too … A sister is forever A bond that diminishes never A friend who is kind and caring A sibling God chooses for sharing Few ties are as deep and profound And with so much affection abound Though some thoughts are seldom expressed Love endures and survives every test Of the constants that rest in the heart A sister is a primary part She will always be there when you need her You listen, you value, and you heed her And life tells you one thing that is true A sister is a large part of you. THOUHT FOR THE DAY shared by the students -: Taking a pledge to protect our sisters physically is not enough. Instead, let's resolve to respect them, uphold their individuality and provide them with the freedom to grow and prosper. They don't just need a Superman, Spider-Man or Batman to protect them - they need someone who treats them as equals!! The assembly ended with melodious song guided by the music teachers and ended with zesty school anthem.
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