Protocols for reopening of schools

Dear Parents
As per the guidelines by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and District Education Office for partial reopening of schools for students of Classes 9th to 12th, the following Safety protocols (SOPs) are to be strictly followed by everyone when school reopens.
When we reopen, we have to adjust to the “New Normal”. For that we need your cooperation. The school is ensuring and taking all measures to safe guard your children against COVID 19. A complete protocol for the safety of the staff and children has been formalized and vetted by members of the Health Department.
A lot of strict precautionary measures will have to be taken, implemented and religiously followed to ensure safety against COVID 19. As we all aware, however, there is no guarantee against the COVID-19 virus.
Kindly ensure that your son understands the importance of following these instructions for his own safety as well as the safety of others.
1. Students will come only on the days assigned to them. The roster of the same will be shared with you.
2. Children have to wear a mask AND shield and carry their personal sanitizer. PLEASE NOTE: If a child does not have on a mask AND shield,he will not be permitted entry into the school.
3. Ensure that your son has a healthy breakfast before coming to school. Bringing eatables to the school is discouraged as he will only be here for a short while. NO sharing amongst the peers. They have to carry their own water bottles.
4. Students must bring their own stationery material.Sharing of any material is strictly prohibited.
5. Children should cover their books with plastic covers so that they can be cleaned/disinfected easily. It also enhances the life of the book.
6. Please tell your son that he has to follow the precautionary measures regarding social distancing diligently. The precautionary measures include teachers, employees and children ensuring physical distancing of at least six feet, use of face covers, frequent hand washing, following respiratory etiquettes, self monitoring of health and not spitting.
7. Every student must stay in the seat allotted to him.
8. The timings for washroom visits are going to be staggered. Children must strictly adhere to these schedules. No unsupervised movement and overcrowding can be allowed at any point in time.
9. If your child has any symptom of illness (even mild fever, cold or cough), please keep him home. Do NOT send him to school till he has fully recovered.
10. The following protocol will be observed for persons entering the school premises:
a) Thermal Screening
b) Sanitizing
c) Checking of Oxygen level
11. Kindly note: To ensure the safety of our children NO ONE will be permitted to enter the school apart from the children and staff. All meetings will henceforth be scheduled over video conferencing. If you wish to seek an appointment, please send in an email to the school email requesting the same, or call the front desk. An appointment will be set up and a video invitation sent to you.
12. Children will be dropped off at one of 4 dropping points. The same will be intimated to you. Staff will be on duty to ensure their safety. You are requested to ensure that your son has his bag on before the car stops so that he simply has to jump out and so not hold up traffic. No car or 2 wheeler will be permitted to enter the school, as the car park will be used as a processing centre before permitting entry into the school buildings.
13. There will be no assemblies or sports activities. All this will be conducted online.
Prior to resumption of all activities in school, the School is:
 Sanitizing all work areas intended for teaching and demonstration etc., including laboratories and other utility areas.
 Ensuring Thermal Screening, Checking of Oxygen level and sanitizing.
 Making provision for water and soap in toilets, and sanitizers in every class.
 Sanitizing the classes on a daily basis.
We pray that with your cooperation and support, we will comfortably sail through this also.
God bless and stay safe,
St. John’s High School


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